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Step By Step Directions

What's the best way to maximize my budget?

Absolutely the best way to get the most bang for your buck is to disclose your full budget to your sales manager up front. Knowing your target budget allows us to plan the maximum overall impact that you can afford. We have been in this business for a long time, and can often suggest tricks or shortcuts that you may not have considered.

I got a cheaper quote on identical merchandise from another company. Do you price match?

While we pride ourselves on having the most unique and broadest selection of merchandise in the area, we recognize that competitors will occasionally undercut our pricing. If you forward your sales manager a copy of a written quote for identical merchandise elsewhere, we will either beat it and make it worth your while, or congratulate you on the amazing deal you've found! While a single item or two may be less expensive elsewhere, we are the only company in the area that can act as a true one-stop shop for everything you need to rent!

My event planner is charging me more than the quote you gave me. Can I book directly through you?

We recommend approaching your planner with this question. We're proud to partner with many of the areas best Event Producers and value the service and convenience they provide to their clients. If there are pricing discrepancies between our quote and theirs, they are likely including a level of setup, customization, or labor that we have not accounted for. They also provide the added service of being on-site the day of your event to handle any last minute crisis. While we offer that service, it is optional and not included in our standard item rental pricing. It's also possible that your planner is just using a different supplier, in which case showing them our quote may help you both out!

Is there a discount from renting everything I need from you?

While there is no standard discount for this, we do often offer either a discount or complimentary upgrades to clients renting from a majority of our product categories for a single event.

Can you donate to my non-profit or my event?

Event Rental is proud of the volume of rental donations we provide each year. To request consideration, please fax us a letter about your event and the specific items you are requesting, on letterhead of the 501(c)3 sponsoring the event. Please note that we cannot offer donations during peak periods and that priority is given to those organizations who have a rental history with Event Rental. Generally we ask that organizations pay for delivery and pickup if required, and nominal cleaning fees for tents, linens or dishware.

Can I save money by setting everything up myself?

Absolutely. We do not include the cost of setup in our published prices - they are for rental of the items only. If you would like us to set up your items for you, please let your sales manager know so they can give you a quote for that service. The exceptions are tents, pipe & drape, stages, and flooring. As these should only be installed by a professional, setup has been included in the price of each.

Can I pick my order up to save on delivery?

Most of our items are available for pickup at our warehouse. There are three types of items which must be delivered: Audio/Visual, Lounge Furniture, and Tents. These items are fragile and costly and require a professional level of care during transport.

If my event falls during the week or during off-peak months, will I get a discount?

We do not offer a standard discount based on event date. The advantage to having your event in the middle of the week (tuesday or wednesday) or during summer (july and early august) is a great way to ensure that our most popular items are available.

Fine Print

How does renting from Event Rental work?

You select the items you need and provide the dates. We confirm that everything is available for your dates, and send you a contract to sign to reserve the items. Once you do that, everything is booked! On the day of your event, we deliver your items. When your event is over, we return and pickup everything. You don't need to wash the dishes or launder the linens. It's that simple!

How far will you deliver?

With locations at both ends of I-10 in Lousiana, we can deliver to just about anywhere on the Gulf Coast. A majority of our events are in the Lafayette, Baton Rouge, or New Orleans regions. Our delivery charges are based on distance, and we're willing to go just about anywhere to stage a great event!

Submitting your Order

For the best service, submit your order through our website. Include any special requests or concerns in the comments section. We will then contact you to let you know what is available, and after answering your questions, will forward you a quote. To confirm your order and reserve your items, simply sign and return that quote via fax, email or in person.


Please note that your order will not be reserved, price confirmed, held or delivered until a signed copy of this contract has been received by fax at 504-363-9191 (if you are in Lafayette, 337.237.6161) or in person at the Event Rental office. If you fail to confirm your contract within 24 hours of receipt, availability of your items cannot be guaranteed.

Damaged or Missing Items

Customers are responsible for all missing or damaged equipment at specified replacement costs. Please follow the instructions below prior to the start of your event should anything arrive damaged.


Some contract types, specific equipment items, and payment methods may require a deposit. A 25% deposit may be required to confirm your contract, and tent rentals during peak periods may require a 50% deposit. Please direct any questions you may have to your Sales Manager.


Should you need to cancel any part of your order, please call your Sales Manager at 504-362-8368 at least one full business day before your scheduled delivery. Failure to do so may result in a cancellation fee of 50% of the rental cost if your items have already been loaded or dispatched.

On the day of your Event

If any part of your delivery arrives damaged or is missing, or you determine that you no longer need items that appear on your contract, please call your Sales Manager at 504-362-8368 (337-237-1200 if you are in Lafayette) before releasing the driver so that we may correct the situation. If it is outside of normal business hours, please call our emergency after hours phone at 504-638-0791 (if you are in Lafayette, please call 337-237-1200 ).

About folding chairs

While folding chairs are the most economical option for any event, please bear in mind that our folding chairs are not recommended for guests exceeding 200 pounds. Please inquire about solid framed ballroom chairs for maximum safety and comfort.